Creating value beyond patents and trademarks
Overview   │ As one of Singapore's oldest Intellectual Property specialist law firms, Yusarn Audrey has a reputation in the industry that belies its boutique size, with its partners ranked amongst the world’s leading IP strategists. As industry thought leaders, they envisioned a world where business owners become intimately aware of their unique intellectual capital and are truly empowered to manage it strategically for growth and value creation.

Challenge   │ Amidst intensifying competition and an IP legal industry immersed in a sea of sameness, the key challenge was to identify the brand’s most powerful and genuine differentiator – one that would reflect the founders’ aspirations to create value for its clients, while at the same time, giving it a distinct voice in the industry.

Solution   │ Ukulele partnered Yusarn, Audrey and Partners to strategically position their brand as a holistic strategic IP solutions firm with a single client-driven promise: Igniting Possibilities. This overarching proposition drives everything that the organisation does, harnessing some of the best minds in the practice to spark new possibilities for businesses using the IP they uniquely own. At the same time, Ukulele also shortened the firm’s name to Yusarn Audrey to underline the firm’s brand DNA: personal and personable – a refreshing commitment to its clients.

Brandscope   │ • Brand Analytics • Brand Blueprint • Brand Identity Revamp • Brand Communications • Brand Systems • Brand Engagement