A branded experience. From soul. To soul.
Overview   │ When they opened their doors in 2001, British founder Chris Churcher and his team at REDSEA Gallery dreamed of bringing a personal, intimate experience to art connoisseurs of Singapore and the world. With 6,000 square feet of creative space, REDSEA Gallery partnered with Ukulele to compose a visual identity and brand positioning to succinctly capture who they are and what they uniquely bring to the Singapore art scene.

Challenge   │ With a plethora of contemporary galleries flourishing in Singapore, REDSEA faced the challenge of needing to clearly distinguish itself as more than just another 'stockist' of modern art. REDSEA needed to communicate a compelling yet differentiated brand proposition to penetrate the discerning markets of art collectors, corporate and individual buyers, as well as event organisers. Most of all, it needed to engage and attract emerging and established artists from around the globe.

Solution   │ After a thorough and thoughtful analysis of key stakeholders’ aspirations, the story of REDSEA began to unfold. More than just a blank space to display art, REDSEA is a threshold of discoveries where each masterpiece opens a myriad of worlds. It is an intimate and poignant connection between art and soul, artist and collector, articulated by Ukulele in the brand philosophy ‘Breathing Encounters’. This philosophy is the overarching inspiration that coherently unifies the brand’s position and its manifestations. Ukulele crafted an iconic logo composed of symmetric lines and light shadows to form a powerful illusion of doors within doors, evoking how each REDSEA encounter breathes new depths. The same inspiration was carried across a full suite of brand communications, including corporate, print and environmental touch points.

Today, great aspiring artists around the world pay homage to REDSEA gallery. Exhibits include works by renowned Russian artist Anna Berezovskaya, controversial aspiring French sculptor Valerie Goutard Adrianoff, as well as French painter Kyss.

Brandscope   │ • Brand Positioning • Brand DNA and Story • Brand Identity • Brand Communications • Brand Environment • Brand Guidelines