Branding a community of future leaders
Overview   │ Each year, 180 students are specially invited to the premier University Scholars Program of NUS. It is an Ivy-league leadership academic program that provides the multidisciplinary intellectual grounding for nurturing top talents to tackle the big issues. The aim is to produce shapers and thinkers with the intellect rigour and the innovative spirit to make significant contributions to society.

Challenge   │ The USP is a close knit program, with students from diverse cultures living and learning together in the USP Residential College. What was lacking was a central USP identity that the students and program leaders could identify themselves with.

Solution   │ Leveraging on its symbols, Ukulele engineered a new distinct brand identity with an iconic visual language of intersecting band of merging colors to aptly reflect the transcending boundaries of disciplines and fresh thinking that is the heart of the USP philosophy. This bold and colorful interplay unfolded a dynamic and unconventional DNA for the brand. Creative personification of the USP students and alumni breaking the bookish scholar stereotype successfully coloured the USP community, befitting a new academic brand of fearless intellectuals, explorers, innovators, and next generation elders of Singapore and beyond.

Brandscope   │ • Brand Observation • Brand Engagement • Brand Identity • Brand Visual Language • Brand Communications