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Overview   │ The PUTIEN brand traces its roots to its namesake city of Putian – a beautiful coastal suburb in Fujian, with rich cultural history and storied tradition since its settlement over almost one and a half millennium ago. It is the birthplace of the goddess Mazu and the fabled Southern Shaolin Kungfu, among many other legendary tales. Operating from a single outlet since 2000, and in view of its expansion plans, Ukulele was tasked to re-look into its complete brand make-over.

Challenge   │ Due to its generic name 'Putian' bearing the same as the location in Fujian, the owners had difficulties registering its trademark. Lacking a unique identity and protection in its intellectual protection also saw the growing number of imitation 'Putian' brands appearing and latching on its goodwill, resulting in confusion among consumers. Another key challenge the brand faced was its difficulty to position and own the special kind of conviction and the unique brand of Heng Hwa cuisine it had pioneered.

Solution   │ Key to these challenges was the positioning of the brand as the original creators of its proprietary Putian delicacies. The new brand name PUTIEN was concocted together with a new distinctive logo identity dressed in ethereal turquoise. Reminiscent of a fresh, light and invigorating sea breeze, a stylized cloud as insignia was adopted to reflect its coastal city heritage. Strategically and visually, the antiquity yet heartwarming and modern persona of the brand was carefully articulated, and creatively brought alive across all retail environments and service touch points in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

Brandscope   │ • Brand Audit and Analytics • Brand Strategy • Brand Engagement • Brand Identity Development • Brand Retail Environment • Brand Communications • Brand Systems • Brand Culturalization