Singapore's very first Japanese Gelato
Overview   │ Dessert Empire operated a single gelato business in Singapore, but had grand ambitions to expand aggressively in Singapore and the region. Ukulele was tasked to articulate a brand strategy to distinctively position the gelato brand in the marketplace and define a clear brand system to facilitate a consistent implementation of the brand.

Challenge   │ Our audit revealed that the most distinguishing attribute of the brand lies in its Japanese heritage. Unlike most other gelato and ice cream operators in Singapore that adopted a Western image for their brands, Dessert Empire’s gelato was prepared based on traditional Japanese culinary philosophy, with emphasis on simplicity, lightness and natural flavours. How did we exemplify this DNA and take it to the competition?

Solution   │ Leveraging on its Japanese heritage, a new brand roadmap was developed to position Dessert Empire’s gelato as the one and only unique Japanese dessert experience. This immediately shifts the brand away from the multitude of western gelato brands vying for dominance. The new brand promise ‘follow your heart’ encapsulates the purity, sincerity and simplicity of its gelato products. A new brand name, Haato (which simply means heart in Japanese), was created with its logo styled in Japanese ink calligraphy to exemplify the brand’s free-spirited, simple but warm personality.

With its new positioning and identity, Haato was successfully launched with rave reviews from the media and the public from all over the world. Pioneering a new movement in the F&B sector, and now leading a domain of its own with unrivaled competition, Haato today operates a chain of successful stores across major upmarket districts in Singapore.

Brandscope   │ • Brand Review • Brand DNA and Story • Brand Naming • Brand Identity • Brand Retail Environment • Brand Systems