Branding a new energy in skincare
Overview   With its first outlet launched in 2011, Enavose is a new beauty brand founded on the fusion of modern technology and earth’s natural beautifiers. Leveraging on more than three decades of research, Enavose made a breakthrough with their Swiss-patented innovation that energises skin cells, making skin absorb more nutrients and catalysing well-being from within.

Challenge   Ukulele is tasked to create a brand identity, strategy and positioning to differentiate Enavose amidst the multitude of skincare brands in Singapore. Enavose’s innovative skin energiser is a proprietary asset that needs to be leveraged and branded to convey the unique propositions of the Enavose brand.

Solution   After exploring the different facets of the brand, Enavose was strategically positioned as a premium Swiss beauty brand. Ukulele crafted the name Envacel for Enavose’s patented breakthrough. Envacel exudes the product’s invigourating properties while strongly linking with the mother brand name. Enavose’s dedication to enliven skin through Envacel was carefully distilled in their brand philosophy ‘Aliveness Lives’. This brand belief evokes how beauty is about living healthy, of being in the present when one is fully conscious to savour all the gifts of life. This philosophy is strongly communicated across all the brand touch-points – product packaging, signage, retail, etc. The stylised ‘e’ of the Enavose logo is composed of clean lines and nuanced curves, embodying how Enavose harmonises science and nature to awaken one’s inner glow.

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