Musing an iconic Singapore landmark to keep new generations glued to their seats
Overview │ The Cathay is an architectural symbol of vibrant culture, embracing both linear Art-Deco design and modernism with its rich history. For over 70 years, the iconic landmark has been entertaining generations of Singaporeans. The entertainment and lifestyle hub now houses The Cathay Mall, The Cathay Gallery, The Cathay Residences and Cinemas.

Challenge │ Reconstructing one of Singapore’s most remarkable landmarks meant the need for a strategic brand make-over. Reaching out to the modern urbanites and the arts community, a new retail positioning and identity was needed to reflect the grande dame of entertainment. Yet with its long string of firsts – Singapore’s first skyscraper; first air-conditioned cinema, first drive-in cinema, first art house cinema, we needed to ensure that The Cathay brand would have to manifest itself in a way that befits its strong heritage and rich history.

Solution │ In line with The Cathay’s new retail strategy, Ukulele shifted the brand away from the big screen and re-positioned it as a muse, an artistic inspiration to inspire and engage, beckoning the young to experience ’The World In Us’, a whole new brand genre of lifestyle and entertainment. We choreographed the brand identity to resonate across generations, interweaving its heritage with evolution to creatively exemplify simplicity and depth. Bold calligraphic strokes of the ancient water symbol was characterised in a traditional seal, at the same time, re-evoking the iconic five pillars of the building’s original art-deco facade that still stands today.

Brandscope │ • Brand Analytics and Observations • Brand Positioning Blueprint • Brand Identity Creation • Brand Architecture • Brand Communications • Brand Experiential Touchpoints