Taking Cycle & Carriage back to its driver's seat
Overview   │ For almost 120 years, Cycle & Carriage has been matching Singaporeans with their trusty wheels. A grand dame in the country’s automotive landscape, it had become synonymous with ‘First Class for Class’ over the decades, earning itself a much-vaunted reputation for excellence, prestige and trust. Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Citroen and Kia are amongst the notable category leading brands in its stable.

Challenge   │ Brand wise, the Cycle & Carriage identity had remained largely unchanged since founded in 1899, and it was time to take this centurion on a new epoch in its brand evolution. It needed to unravel its core brand capabilities and attributes beyond the glitz and fancy of the famous marques it represents. Basically, it needed to re-philosopize and make relevant what its name had stood for in the last 120 years.

The renewed brand had to achieve three goals: Unify the brand internally and externally, as well as reflect the changing automotive landscape while retaining the quintessential Cycle & Carriage brand of leadership and what it had come to symbolise.

Solution   │ Key to these challenges was the re-positioning of Cycle & Carriage at the forefront of its industry. Saluting the brand’s rich heritage, we evolved its slogan into a unified brand promise: 'We Drive First Class' – a simple but highly significant shift from a product to a confident, human focus. Believing that people are their strongest asset and the driving force behind the brand, a clear and compelling 'Driving First Class' blueprint was crystallized to catapult the brand forward. The iconic logo was updated and given a much needed facelift. Focusing on the brand's human dimensions, that are more than just cars, a complete overhaul of its communications systems was implemented both internally and externally. Successfully adopted organization wide, The new promise of 'We Drive First Class' renewed the Cycle & Carriage brand's pact with all its employees, partners and customers.

Brandscope   │ • Brand Analytics • Brand Engagement • Brand Strategy • Brand Internalisation • Brand Identity • Brand Communications • Brand Visual Systems