From Bean to Brand. Creating Singapore's most popular icon.
Overview   With its humble beginnings as a single food stall in People’s Park Hawker Centre, Mr Bean dreamt of making their soya bean brew a part of Singapore’s lifestyle. To be nearer to their customers, the founders decided to strategically plant their seed at high traffic malls, hospitals and MRT stations. They partnered with Ukulele to create a brand roadmap for Mr Bean to become more than just a drink in a cup.

Challenge   Although having been around since 1995, there is a need to distinguish Mr Bean’s brand of relationship with its customers. With soya bean-based products perceived as just another commodity one can get almost anywhere, Mr Bean needed to communicate a more compelling brand proposition that emotively and universally appeals to the market. How do we then de-commodotise a soya bean product and unravel a whole new brand space?

Solution   “Life’s Simple Pleasures” was ideated and instituted by Ukulele as Mr Bean’s key brand inspiration. It reveals the quiet bliss of sipping an ice-cold soya drink in Singapore’s tropical climate and reflects the simplicity and goodness of the humble soya bean. After more than a hundred sketches, Ukulele brought to life a charming Mr Bean brand mascot that tugs at the heartstrings of both young and old. A brand identity system was set in place to guide the brand’s retail environmental design, packaging design and all internal and external communication touch points. After its brand makeover, Mr. Bean won the SPBA – Promising Brands award, and SPBA – Most Popular Brand award for three consecutive years (2006, 2007, 2008). It was the only brand to bag the coveted SPBA ‘Overall Winner’ award in 2008. Although the accolades are welcoming affirmation, the bigger reward is the brand’s customer loyalty. With brand clarity and consistency, Mr Bean has hopped off the cup and landed right into the consumer's mind, and more importantly, the heart. The story of a humble bean that has grown to be intrinsically part of people's lives is now inscribed on very brand wall across Singapore, Japan, China and the Philippines.

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