Branding the next leap of fitness revolution
Overview   │ Established since 1985 as Singapore's first ladies fitness centre, Amore Fitness has been the leading fitness and spa committed to advocating a healthier lifestyle through holistic fitness and well-being. For close to 30 years, it has grown alongside the exercise public, especially amongst women. A multiple award-winning brand, Amore has pioneered numerous nationwide sporting events and platforms, all for creating more opportunities for women and their loved ones to take on a more pro-active approach towards a healthy lifestyle.

Challenge   │ Amore realized it needed to evolve with the changing lifestyles and needs of its valued customers, many of them whom have been faithful followers since its inception. It needed now to cater to women with families who still wish to stay fit. With 19 fitness centers and spa clubs located island wide offering over 500 classes to choose from, the brand needed to create new relevance, renew its pact, and expand its reach.

Solution   │ Through insights and analytics, it was clear we did not ever want to lose the brand's pertinent differentiating proposition of its women-exclusive positioning. A brand architecture was developed to carefully crystallize its renewed and extended suite of offerings. A monolithic system comprising of Amore Fitness, Amore BodyDefine and Amore Living was implemented in place. This cross-leverage platform enabled the brand to successfully live its vision, to better cater to everyone in the family.

At the heart of the Amore rebranding journey was the new rallying call - "I am Amore. I Am More". This brand promise not only underscores the group's overarching brand philosophy and core belief, it unites all internal and external audiences to rediscover the larger meaning of Amore brand's existence, beyond fitness and health. The Amore brand essence was concocted as a way of life, to love life, to live life. It's a journey of self-discovery, to to be inspired and in turn inspire others. It's about making a difference and finding fulfillment in life.

Brandscope   │ • Brand Audit and Analytics • Brand Positioning Strategy • Brand Engagement • Brand DNA • Brand Architecture • Brand and Retail Identity • Brand Marketing Communications • Brand Systematization • Brand Culturalization