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An instrument of the soul.  An expression of simplicity. Named after the humble four-string instrument, we see branding as a journey towards simplicity, a step back towards humanity and the world we live in. Like the music of the ukulele that vibrates beyond language and time, we transcend brands beyond geographical and cultural boundaries.

Our insignia. A silhouette of the ukulele morphing into a cloud. Form yet formless, we are about change and evolution. Constantly shifting our state of mind to unlock and inspire new ideas.

Nothing in brands has any meaning, except for the meaning that we assign to it.  Everything is relative, and made real only by its relationship and comparison to something else our mind perceives it to be.  Understanding this principle of relativity fuels our thinking in everything we do -   awareness, consciousness, clarity. The harmonic equilibrium of rational and emotive dimensions we inject into every brand we touch.  

Yin and Yang are our corporate colors, or no colors for that matter. Black and white, void of preconceptions, yet these are the very 2 hues that give rise to the myriad of all colors life has to offer.

This is how we take brands to the sublime. This is ukulele.