Ukulele is the leading strategic brand and identity counsel established in 1993.  As Singapore’s very own first independent brand institution, we have inspired and breathed success into some of Asia’s leading businesses in the region. At the heart of what we do is our vision to inspire Asian brands globally.  Being Asian-rooted yet global in perspective, Ukulele’s wisdom lies in its ability to understand the intricacies and evolving role of branding in Asia, and its growing influence in the global business markets.  Multi-nationals, government boards, airport services, hotels, healthcare, education, manufacturers, hospitality and F&B, our diverse clientele include business and market leaders across some of the largest major industry segments.

Renowned as purists in our craft, our reputation has been built upon our single-minded focus in branding. Over the years, from prestigious brand awards to International creative showcases, we have inspired and won a string of close to 200 international awards and accolades in the United States, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Singapore.  Our brand creations have been inducted and displayed in international and regional showcases, including the Museum for Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg Germany, HOW International USA, and the Arjo Wiggins Design Showcase, London.