The value of design in any brand-building effort is indisputable. How do we cut across today’s brand mélange and business clutter to engage our audience? How do we communicate in simplicity, the brand’s identity, its positioning, ethics and persona? Design plays a pivotal role in giving brands that “first moment of truth” in any given customer interaction, any business competition. Unquestionably real, it is deeper than what the first glance can reveal. Increasingly, corporate, retail and product design are now holistically adopted and integrated as part of every brand-building strategy.

At Ukulele, design is sacred. For as long as we have been around since inception, it has remained one of our core competencies, helping businesses translate its strategy into visible brand engagement points, leading to profound intimate customer brand experiences. We have also pioneered and led many industry movements through our award-winning design innovations and will continue to do so.

Like creativity and innovation that goes hand-in-hand, strategy and design are equally important, eternally interdependent. While strategy drives an idea and puts it in perspective, it is design that crystallizes that idea and communicates it effectively in simplicity.

Welcome to our Design Gallery.